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date:10/01/2020tech:#ReactNative #StyledComponents #Redux #node.js #expo-unimodules #google-iap #i18next
notes:Born as a personal project of mine, this app provides users a nice interface for mixing ambient sounds / white noises.
It offers the ability to add custom sounds and presets, a timer, shuffle and "pitch randomizer".
I chose redux as state container. I then took advantage of redux-persist to more easily persist state via AsyncStorage. i18next was then used for localization.
Photographer E‑commerce
date:02/13/2020tech:#React #StyledComponents #contentful #node.js #express #next #stripe #framer-motion
notes:A minimalistic e-commerce for a John Doe photographer trying to sell some of his shots. Server-side rendered with Next.js, it features contentful as headless-cms. Context API was used for state management. Also, i wanted to try out stripe, so i used express for a simple and quick custom back-end...



Photographer e-commerce

America Sporting Club


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